Company Introduction

Musical Chairs is a designer chair brand headquartered in Taiwan and a chair manufacturer in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam for almost 10 years. Design focused on quality metal and plastic guest and stacking chairs. Superior production process and control has led to world-wide sales, recognition, and customer satisfaction in our major markets of North America, Britain, and Australia.

Customized design

Musical Chairs is your companion for developing full-scale prototypes of your components. Using ProE, SolidWorks, or other IGS 3D files, we can develop full-scale prototype parts cutting ABS blocks. Turnaround is a quick, at a fraction of your current Rapid Prototype costs.


Metal forming and stamping fabricators, aluminum and zinc castings and extrusions, precise secondary finishing and polishing are our strengths.

Quality Assurance

For the quality of attention and the level of upgrading, by the International Standards Organization ISO (International Organization for Standardization) continued ISO9001 audit assessment to protect the rights of consumers of products and service quality.